Recorded September 23rd 2019

We’re back Pine Nuts!!  2019 Fantasy Football Season is off to a start, Taco Fest Recap, and a New Beer Tasting.  Plus, we have Pro Wrestler Johnathon Holt AKA Action Jackson on The Pine Line.  

Recorded May 30th 2019

Cory Gossens joins us in studio, Rita tasting and NO PEAK!

Recorded April 29th 2019

No guests no format.  Just three dudes suckling at the teat of a giant.

Recorded April 8th 2019

Ex minor league pitcher & catcher Eric Sim is on The Pine Line this week. I apologize for the bad connection during the interview. This episode is NSFW.

Recorded April 1st 2019

Head coach for the UTA Mavericks Basketball Team Chris Ogden is on The Pine Line. Chris is here talking College Basketball, March Madness, and the usual gauntlet of Pine Line Questions. 

Recorded March 25th 2019

Special Guest Jimbo Cullum joins us this week to talk about Collusion, Soap Operas, Deadwood, Mexican Corn and plenty more.  

Recorded March 12th 2019

We have Darren Horton in the studio this week talking Caddo Lake and pest control.  For more information about Caddo Lake and how you can help, visit and

Recorded February 25th 2019

DJ Birdsong in in the studio with us this week for some beer tasting.

Recorded February 18th 2019

New Head Coach for The Marshall Mavericks Jake Griedl is on The Pine Line this week talking about The Maverick Legacy Campaign. A very informative conversation about Coach Griedl’s vision of the future for The Maverick Sports Program.

Recorded February 11 2019

Introducing our newly appointed City Manager Mark Rohr. Rohr is in the studio with us shedding some light on his past and a few ideas for the future of Marshall.

Recorded November 26th 2018

A&M LSU recap with @propjoesays.  Plus, our pros and cons of The Match Tiger vs Phil.

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Recorded November 12th 2018

Former State Historian Bill O’Neal is on The Pine Line dropping knowledge this week.  Mr O’Neill is here to talk about his book War In East Texas and the Barrymore shooting of 1879. Plus, Beer tasting, The Hot Box, and a time out for Dylan.

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Recorded November 5th 2018

Bear Creek CASA Event is this weekend so we have Linea Weaver on The Pine Line with all the details.  Great event for a great cause.  Also, The Hot Box and 2 prank call fails.

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Recorded October 29th 2018

The very talented local musician Nick Brumley is in the studio with us this week.  Brumley is here to play a few songs and talk music.   

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Recorded October 22nd 2018

@propjoesays is on The Pine Line, talking Twitter Jail and college sports. And a long heated debate about true fandom. Join the conversation on The Hot Box at 903-420-2300.

Recorded October 15th 2018

Brian Wright, owner/operator of Wright On Taco Shop in Harleton TX joins us on The Pine Line. This conversation is guaranteed to make you hungry. Plus arm wrestling, metal shows, and The Hot Box. 

Recorded October 8th 2018

Justin and Dylan learn what it is to be a LARPer.  A short UFC recap and our good friend Hedwig joins us on The Pine Line to share his LARPing adventures.

Recorded September 24th 2018

Darren Peeples of Texas Parks and Wildlife joins us on The Pine Line. Also, we have a Hot Box Haiku Contest Winner. Join the conversation on The Hot Box at 903-420-2300.

Recorded September 17th 2018

Dylan is flying solo this week!! Matt and Justin couldn’t make it so instead of taking another week off, I decided to do something a little different.  Carl Roth is in the studio with me to discuss the rise and fall of the Honda Big Red 3 Wheeler. We’ll get back to the usual Hot Box and beer drinking next week.

Recorded September 10th 2018

Football is back!! Plus Hot Box Karaoke and another wine from Fulbright Family Vineyards.  Join the conversation on The Hot Box 903-420-2300.

Recorded August 27th 2018

!!WARNING!! This week’s Hot Box may not be suitable for some listeners!!  Also, we discuss Jefferson political drama with Stephen Wulff (aka The Wulff of Polk St).  HOT BOX KARAOKE!!! Call 903-420-2300 and sing your heart out for your chance to win

Recorded August 20th 2018

A bourbon fueled Matt Moore is back by popular demand!! Also, fantasy draft recap with Jeff Wall and the Hot Box. Join the conversation on The Hot Box at 903-420-2300.

Recorded August 14th 2018

We talk with Tony Cevik of Gucci’s Pizza.  Also, we have a winner of the Hot Box Impersonate a Wrestler Contest.  Join the conversation on The Hot Box at 903-420-2300.

Recorded August 6th 2018

New Sponsor, more swag, and another contest giveaway. And we discuss foot photography with Chim Riguals of The Hot Box.  

Recorded July 30th 2018

Random rumblings of nonsense among the guys plus a short conversation with DJ Birdsong about LA BBQ. Join the conversation on The Hot Box at 903-420-2300

Recorded July 23rd 2018

Talking with Stephen Joseph of Riverport Barbecue in Jefferson, TX, a conversation with Patrick Clayton of The Marshall Police Department, and another wine tasting courtesy of Fulbright Family Vineyards.

Recorded July 16th 2018

Active shooters beware. We Have an anonymous guest discussing her school district’s program for arming teachers. We give The Wulff of Polk Street a call to talk about his encounter with Ted Cruz. Also, we talk about what we would do with one million dollars, The Hot Box gets a little creepy and a phoned in Wall Report. Join the conversation on The Hot Box at 903-420-2300.

Recorded July 9th 2018

This week we talk with Lt. Len Ames of Marshall PD about active shooter situations. Also, digging deeper into Justin’s incarceration as a juvenile, and The Hot Box gets political.  Join the conversation on The Hot Box at 903-420-2300.

Recorded July 2nd 2018

Birdie Call recap. David “Rooster” Jones talks with us about his time as a Cock Fighting Referee.  And as always, The Wall Report and The Hot Box.

Recorded June 18th 2018

We have our first in studio guest, NFL Vet Bob Bruer. US Open recap, BIRDIE CALL PREVIEW  and The Hot Box.

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Recorded June 11th 2018

The Wall Report returns! Debating LeBron vs Jordan with David Jones aka Rooster.  Dana Vega gives us the full breakdown on The East Texas Taco Fest.  And Introducing The Pine Curtain Hot Box!!  Call 903-420-2300 and bear your soul.  If we like what we hear, we’ll play it on the next episode.  All callers are anonymous unless you choose otherwise.

Recorded June 4th 2018

We get some eye opening facts about the City Animal Shelter Project from former City Council Chairman Ed Smith.  Free shit from WRBT courtesy of Cory Gossens.  And more empty promises from Matt Moore. 

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Recorded May 15th 2018

City Commissioner Doug Lewis is with us to talk about the proposed animal shelter.  Food, beer and women with Cory Gossens.  Craft brews of Louisiana with DJ Birdsong.  The Wall Report returns plus a little fun with The Wu Tang Name Generator. 

Recorded May 14th 2018

Jeff Wall of The Wall Report is live with us to talk about adult camp.  Jeremy Smith tells us about the time he beat up an elderly gentleman

Recorded May 7th 2018

Stephen Wulff talks about the politics of Jefferson TX and how he was able to defeat the mayor with seven votes. We play three questions with Jacob Fulbright.

Recorded April 30 2018

This week on the pine line we talk law, parenting, and beaver with Carl Roth. Also, tales from the road with Nothing More road manager Ryan Coggin.  Music may or may not be courtesy of Papa Roach.

Recorded April 23 2018

On The Pine Line this week, we discuss the state of school pizza, baseball, and how not to act with Cade Moore. Also, Chris Paddie claims he can roller skate and juggle.  Plus a beer tasting contest, another beer sampling courtesy of Eagle Distributing and a fierce hatred for a 9 year old girl.

Recorded April 16 2018

We get an exclusive taste of a new unreleased beer from Eagle Distributing. Another homemade wine tasting courtesy of Fulbright Vineyards. Casey Barton gets caught off guard in Phone Call Roulette.  

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Recorded April 9 2018

We talk with Tony Glanton about his run for MISD School Board At Large.  Moore’s new favorite segment, Wine Tasting with Fulbright Family Farms. A letter from Carl Roth, The Wall Report, and a new Segment we are calling Phone Call Roulette. 


Recorded April 2 2018

This episode Dylan is back on the sauce, we tackle the nations healthcare problems with Robert Sibley, taste some homemade wine courtesy of Jacob Fulbright and of course The Wall Report.

Recorded March 26th 2018:

Solving the nations gun problems with BJ Fletcher.  Life experiences with Matt’s childhood buddy Jeremy Smith. And of course, the Wall Report.

Recorded March 19th 2018: 

Talking with Nothing More tour manager and wouldbe Ratt vocalist Ryan Coggin.  A sponsor update from DJ Birdsong. The Wall Report and more.

Recorded March 12th 2018

We killed a bottle of wine and talked with JR Oden and Shane Bacon.  

Recorded March5th 2018

Interviews with City Commision Candidate Ryan Fason and MISD Board Member Brad Burris. Plus plenty more nonsense.

Recorded February 26th 2018

Just some dudes trying to figure out bidets.

Recorded February 19th 2018